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benchmarking services

In today's hectic business world, process improvements hinge on the ability to gain insights from data. Armed with these insights, informed executives can make decisions that deliver improved business outcomes across the enterprise.

Every organization, regardless of its size or capacity, can benefit from an insightful benchmarking analysis. No matter what size organization you represent, Pro Buyers can benchmark all key program data analytics. From strategy development to implementation, we work with key members of your organization's staff to gather all key data elements. Our benchmarking capabilities enable us to evaluate all aspects of your current program such as:


  1. Administrative--we focus on implementing lean processes and operational effectiveness.
  2. Pricing--how does your effective pricing compare to that of similar organizations?
  3. Service--have users become satisfied with mediocre device performance, or is device uptime on par with standard industry averages?
  4. Environmental Impacts--what processes, if properly implemented, can reduce the organization's carbon footprint?
  5. Contract--do you have properly written contractual safety nets in place to protect the organization in the event of vendor mergers/acquisitions, poor vendor service performance and/or billing problems?

With our extensive industry background and practical experience, Pro Buyers understands all aspects of a truly optimal program. If even one key area is missed or not properly addressed, the entire initiative will be less than optimal and may in fact fail altogether. Trust in Pro Buyers to keep your new managed print program initiative healthy for years to come!