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So, you've successfully negotiated a world-class contract. Congratulations! Now, here are some questions you may be asking:


1. Is the selected vendor performing on its contracted statement of work? 

2. Is the billing correctly formatted in accordance with the agreed-upon statement of work?

3. Were all required device accessories actually installed? 

4. Have your users have been trained well enough to take full advantage of the new hardware and software being implemented? 

During our contract compliance phase we perform the necessary due diligence to provide definitive answers to all these questions and more.


Since we are integrally familiar with all aspects of your new contract, we work in conjunction with your vendor's representatives during the program implementation phase to validate whether all key metrics are being met. We review and make adjustments to all vendor assessment and installation schedules. Our consultant staff will visit every installed device in every department to ensure that the installation went exactly as planned. We provide you with monthly status reports including action plans for bridging any gaps in vendor performance.


To find out more about how your organization can benefit from our expertise, click on this link and let us know about your current situation and future objectives.