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An integral part of our overall consulting program is translating all key program recommendations into reality. While vendors will tell you it's not possible to achieve lower costs while improving technology and service offerings, our experienced negotiators know better. We fight every inch of the way on your behalf and right along side your internal staff to ensure all key objectives are met.


We believe that effective contract negotiation cannot take place in a vacuum. Vendors and buyers must be on equal footing when it comes to strategic pricing, technology and statement of work negotiation. We understand the complexities involved with balancing a vendor's need for reasonable profit with organizational pressure to control costs. Since at this point in our process we've walked all your facilities and understand your print job workflows better than anyone, vendors cannot short-change or oversell you. Don't depend solely on pieces of information provided by vendor representatives. Don't take the easy way out and buy from a generic consortium or state contract. You're entitled to see the whole picture of what you're entitled to. It's more than what you've been lead to believe by the industry.


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