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The focus on enhancing worker productivity has at times meant risk-averse print device inventory management practices that require the maintenance of significant underutilized inventory levels.


Yet today's environment demands change. Organizations are expected to lower operational costs without sacrificing worker productivity, and they must do so in an environment of competing priorities, from providing the latest technological advancements to considering the reality of mobile workers and virtual offices. In addition, organizations must be careful to maintain proper security levels and to adhere to all federal regulations.


Redundant print devices are commonplace in today's office/worker environments. But how much redundancy is sufficient, and how much is overkill? Do you really need four print output devices within a ten linear foot space?


In addition to redundancy issues, device utilization is another important consideration. What level of device utilization is acceptable? What print volume should a 50 page-per-minute printer optimally be producing?


Pro Buyers believes that there is an opportunity for organizations to not only meet business demands, but also to realize the benefits of effective device deployment strategies with an approach that strikes the right balance between improving worker productivity and reducing costs. Contact the renowned and unbiased experts at Pro Buyers to explore how your organization can seize the opportunity to get ahead of device redundancy and utilization challenges.

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