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rfp creation phase

Not all RFPs (Request for Proposals) are created equal. The technical writer makes the difference between one containing detailed world-class requirements and one with vague open-ended questions. In the case of Pro Buyers, it is Jeff Smith, a noted industry technical writing expert. Prior to founding Pro Buyers in 2001, Smith was the author of all BLI print output device test reports. BLI test reports are the de-facto industry standard reference tools used by every salesperson and buyer of copier/printers.

The most important aspect of the RFP is how well it “markets” the business potential of the opportunity to the prospective respondents. Pro Buyers puts its extensive industry experience to work to balance the business realities of the industry while protecting the client in every way possible. We know how to construct the RFP using “industry speak” language to remove any possible confusion about the client’s requirements. Our RFPs are widely respected within industry circles. Here is a basic checklist of questions that must be adequately covered in any printer/copier-related RFP:

1. What is an acceptable industry definition for “equipment downtime?”

2. Will the vendor be penalized for performing preventive maintenance (PM) work?

3. Should a base configuration be identified with separate stapling, duplexing and paper drawer accessories?

4. Which network security elements should be required?

5. Should all devices be replaced up-front regardless of any lease buyouts? If not, what is the implication?

6. To save money, should the client allow for remanufactured or new third-party branded parts and supplies?

7. What requirements should the RFP contain for data encryption and hard drive cleaning?

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