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our mission

Our mission is to protect buyers of printer/copiers. We will assist the purchasing/print shop/information technology teams within organizations through the process of negotiating world-class Unified Print contracts. The end result of our work will be to create win-win business relationships between buyers and sellers.

about pro buyers

who we are

independent experts you can trust 

With over thirty-five years of industry experience, Pro Buyers 

consultants know all the industry trade secrets never revealed to buyers. Quickly and expertly we know what to look for and how to act on the information gathered. Since we are 100% independent of all manufacturers and dealers of copier/printers, and with our hundreds of loyal customers, you can be assured that our only allegiance is to you, the buyer.


Our knowledge of real-world pricing, industry dynamics and supplier strategies empowers you with critical negotiating leverage to deliver breakthrough results. More than just theories, we deliver dramatic, measurable bottom-line improvements with reduced administration in a compressed timeframe. Our program recommendations are created only after a thorough due diligence process inclusive of personal on-site visits to your offices and interviews with your key internal customers.

Why not put our expert staff on your side of the negotiating table today?


what we do

  • Assess your situation
  • Find efficiency improvements
  • Implement a custom solution
  • Validate compliance

client QUOTEs:

"Because of your consultant expertise, we will have $100,000 per year in savings with more and better equipment."

"You have brought us to a completely new level. The new program is a shining example of what can be done by applying the right talents such as yours."

  1. Visit all your facilities
  2. Leverage our experience
  3. Benchmark every element
  4. Provide detailed Assessment
  5. Build a team consensus
  6. Create an airtight RFP
  7. Analyze proposals
  8. Strategize negotiations
  9. Finalize vendor contract
  10. Manage the implementation
  11. Provide ongoing support

how we do it